Normal is Poison

I’ve sat here for days trying to figure out if I am normal for thinking the way I do and for doing what I do. Of course, I’ve never asked anyone because I know the answer is no. And then of course, my secret would be out.

I sit and journal a lot. I find my brain filled with thoughts and ideas that NEED to come out and it’s the way that makes the most sense to me. Sometimes I put on them online but most of the time I don’t…probably because they are just too scattered…so I keep them in my notebooks.

I don’t know if all this journaling brings me closer to sanity or insanity. I really don’t know.

I think that I’ve really learned that it doesn’t matter what other people do. Whether they journal or not…whether they have thoughts and ideas on practically everything that they don’t hear anywhere else. It doesn’t matter. I know the way I am…if I found out that it is normal and everyone does it…I would stop doing it and find something else.

I think someday it will be the notebooks and journals that we leave behind that will tell the greatest stories of our generation. I know we have computers and all that crap…but it will be the notebooks. Our notebooks are a window into our soul. That’s why we protect them so much. At least that’s why I protect mine.